PV Interconnect Ribbon

The cells are electrically connected using tinned copper ribbon known as PV Interconnect Ribbon, Tabbing Strip, Tabbing Ribbon, Stringing Ribbon. Tabbing ribbons are commonly applied as parallel strips that weave from the top of one cell to the bottom of the next to connect the positive and negative sides of the cells in series. The ribbon is soldered onto the paste that was applied to the TCO. The tabbing application creates a cluster of solar cells. The tabbing ribbon collects electric

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current within its cluster of solar cells and delivers it to the bus ribbon.

Other commonly used names for the PV Interconnect Ribbon are

Flat wire, Ribbon, String Wire, Photovoltaic Wire, PV Wire, Interconnecting tab, PV Copper Ribbon, Solar cell interconnect tabbing, Flattened copper wire, Solder plated copper ribbon, Tabbing Strip, Tabbing Ribbon , Stringing Ribbon.

Interconnect Ribbon Technical Datasheet






1.00 mm to 4.00 mm

± 0.1 mm


0.10 mm to 0.25mm

± 10 %


1.7241-1.70µΩ/ cm

IACS * -- International Annealed Copper Standard

Yield Strength

< 100 N/mm2

Tensile Strength

< 250 N/mm2


Between 20% and 37 %

Semi Soft< 25 %

Soft < 32 %

Supper Soft < 38 %


< 6 mm / 1000 mm

Coating Type

Various Solder Types as per customer requirement Type

Thickness of coating can vary from .010mm to 0.050 mm

Packing type

Pulp Reel, Plastic Spools, Cut To Length

Packing Options and Sizes


Solar Cells / Module , Contacts , Electronic Repair Kits

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