Scope of Solar Generated Power in India

India has high solar insolation, ideal for using solar power in India. India is already a leader in w ind power generation. In the solar energy sector, some large projects have been proposed, and a 35,00 0 km2 area of the Thar Desert has been set aside for solar power projects, sufficient to generate 700 GW to 2,100 GW. Solar Energy in India is one of the most exciting growth industries in the world right now. Solar Energy in India is poised to take off in a exponential manner because of a unique confluence of favorable Supply and Demand factors .Here is a list of factors that will make Solar Power one of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world Increasing expensive and unreliable electricity supply – The rates of electricity prices are going up rapidly each year due to a combination of factors like higher costs of fossil fuels, increasing capital expenditure by utilities and privatization of power. Solar Energy approaching Grid Parity – The costs of Solar Energy has been decreasing rapidly over the last 2 years and has reached retail price grid parity in countries like Italy, Hawaii. Strong Support from the Government –The Indian government through the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission has provided strong support to the growth of this industry. The government has set a target of 20 GW by 2022